Exhibit at the Africa Technology Expo 2023


ATE will be hosting over 3,000 tech enthusiasts, founders, a large pool of fellow VCs and Angel investors such as (list some of the investors that have confirmed), big tech giants, Innovative hubs, and over 50 exhibiting companies. It will support the Nigerian Startup Act, promote gender inclusiveness and innovation, and encourage local ideas and investments by Africans for Africans.

It is important to note that – No other event in Nigeria and in Africa at large is focused solely on indigenous local contents and solutions except the renowned Africa Technology Expo.

Why Exhibit?

Exhibiting at the Africa Technology Expo allows you to establish and build a presence in your target market. Additionally, you will make new leads, attract new customers, and eventually build a more established and renowned brand.

Capture Leads and Build a Database

This a great opportunity to gather contact information to capture leads and build your business network. With our high attendance rate, you can reach out to many attendees with interests in the industry and a willingness to interact. Unlike the time-consuming task of waiting or researching potential customers in the office.

Funding Opportunities for your Company

By being an exhibitor, you get the opportunity to present your company and products before venture capitalists and potential investors who will be in attendance at the tech expo, which can get some funding for your company or products.

Networking and Learning

This is a great opportunity to network with other professionals in your field, get new ideas, learn a new skill and become inspired. Not every other exhibitor is a competitor – some can be very useful to your business if you choose to partner with them and share your expertise

Strengthen Relationships with Existing Customers

As an exhibitor, you should extend an invite to your existing customers to attend and interact with your company at your exhibition stand. being an exhibitor presents you with an opportunity to meet with customers you currently or previ- ously worked with to strengthen your relationship with them and encourage future appointments.


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For any enquiries, email us at exhibit@africatechnologyexpo.com or call/WhatsApp +2348143851417